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What is the difference between a seamless pipe and a tube?

You are in the right place to know the differences between seamless pipe and tube. Working as an executive in a reputed seamless steel pipe supplier in India, I can answer this question and more about it with authority. First, it is essential to know about seamless pipes as they differ from welded ones. Also, the differences between pipes and tubes though many use them interchangeably. Seamless pipes extruded from steel and others do not require welding and hence have no seams or welded joints in the cross sections to be smooth surfaces for use in many industries. Now it is essential to know the differences between seamless pipes and tubes, including:

  • Seamless pipes are round tubular for transferring fluids and gases, whereas seamless tubes can be round, squared, rectangular or oval.
  • The NPS or DN designates seamless pipes to measure capacity, whereas the tube measurements are in millimetres or inches.
  • There is even pressure distribution in seamless pipes because of their circular shape, which is not the case in other-shaped seamless tubes.

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Manufacturing process of SMLS pipe

SMLS Pipe, or seamless pipe, have different manufacturing processes depending on the grades and other types. A few of the manufacturing processes include:

  • The extrusion process, which is a metal-forming process using billets forced to flow through dies with smaller cross-sectional areas to form the seamless pipes
  • Mandrel Mill process using billets charged in rotary hearth furnace to punch a hole into its end
  • Mannesmann plug mill process is similar to the Mandrel Mill manufacturing process but replaces the Mandrel Mill with a rolling plug mill to make seamless pipes.

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Top 7 applications of hot finished welded tubes

Top 7 applications of hot finished welded tubes

Hot Finished Welded Tubes have excellent properties to be useful in many applications that include:

  • For the electric power generating industry
  • To transfer natural gas from source to refineries
  • Used as hydropower pressure pipes
  • Best for use in thermal power applications
  • For many long-distance pipelines, bridges, etc
  • In steam heating applications 
  • For water supply and drainage applications

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What is the difference between hot-drawn and cold-drawn seamless tubing?

Hot and cold-drawn processes make pipes and tubes useful in several sectors. But there are differences between the hot-finished seamless pipe and cold-drawn seamless tubing. A few of the differences include the following.

  • Cold-drawn seamless tubes get rolled below the recrystallization temperature, whereas above hot-rolled seamless tubes do.
  • Cold-drawn steel enables local buckling of the section, which is not the case with hot steel rolling.
  • Cold-drawn steel allows the entire use of the bearing capacity of the bar after buckling, which is impossible with hot-drawn steel.
  • Compared to the free torsional stiffness of cold-drawn steel, its hold-rolled counterpart is higher.
What is the difference between a seamless pipe and a tube?

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What is the size of CDS tubing?

The Indian CDS tubing is 1 to 12 mm thick and sizes from 15.8 mm to 101.4 mm.

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What is the material standard for seamless steel pipe?

There are various grades of carbon steel for use as the material standard for seamless steel pipe. Prestigious institutions like the API, ATSM, AMSE, etc., specify standards for making these pipes for safe use without any issues.

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